Thursday, March 15, 2007

what will your choice be?

The threats have been coming in left, right and centre on Iran from the United States because of Iran's nuclear enrichment plans that it claims are for peaceful purposes (i.e.: creating power needed for its major cities).

Yet, so far, we have not seen the US put down its rifles and shotguns in the escalated movement to a nearby future war on Iran.

While I have my own personal views about each party, this post is dedicated to cutting the losses quickly and swiftly by asking both parties to step down from their arms' race and look at the bigger picture of the people that will suffer if the war is conducted and what dyer consequences there will be on the region after that. The aftermath will be our nightmare come true.

There has been a movement in the US from different American Iranian parties that have chosen to fight this course of future action and stop it from ever happening. They have assigned a petition and a blog dedicated to this cause.

The blog is under the title: Stop War On Iran. While the petition online is dedicated to sending a strong message to both the US Congress and President George W. Bush to stop the war on Iran. The petition can be found here. Alternatively, you can also visit the dedicated website to this cause, which is under the name of

Help us stop this madness.

There are lives at stake, here.

What will your choice be?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Who Holds Who?

First, Hamas was designated as a terror organization because it 'illegally' fought the Israeli opression machine. Then Israel started holding off the funds that were coming in by the EU until the 'situation' calmed down. And even the fact still stands that Hamas was elected by the people for the people in the last Palestinian presidential elections, they were still not recognized by the USA.

And now, ever since the Mecca agreement to form a joint unity government that consisted of both Hamas and Fatah leaders, the USA and the state of 'Israel' is now threatening to boycott the new unity unless the newly formed government 'recognizes the quartet's demands to form peace with Israel'.

Fact: None of the GCC countries recognize the state Israel ever since it's formation by the UN.

Fact: Hamas does not recognize the state of Israel because of it's violent and agressive oppression on the Palestinian people even since it invaded the occupied land.

Fact: The USA has told Israeli PM Olmert to withhold any talks with the Syrian side regarding the Jolan Heights to end the Israeli occupation in that area.

So, the question is here: Who holds who under their thumb?



- US and Israel 'back boycott plan'

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dee Dee Dee Song by Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia is by far the best at telling you the right thing in the wrong way.

You go Carlos.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Banging on the Back Door

There is much ado about nothing in the Arab world when it comes to taboo topics like anal sex. Religiously banned, culturally implemented and socially becoming a norm – there’s just so many different facets to going up the dirt track. We know we are fist deep in muddy waters with this issue but we’ll try our best to sanitize this situation.

We are not taking the moral high ground and commenting on whether anal sex is fundamentally, biologically and morally appropriate – we’re straddling the fence and weighing each in on each gender’s point of view.

For the majority of women worldwide, having a brush in your chimney is incredibly uncomfortable and painful. As with any other taxing position – over time, you just get accustomed to it. In the Arab world specifically, the anus is a point of penetration that insures the preservation of the holy hymen, securing a girl’s virginity and therefore, purity (at least in society’s eyes). The fundamental flaw in this type of thinking is the importance placed on the hymen, which can really be broken due to non-sexual activity anyway.

Physically for women, there is no pleasure. There are no nerve endings in the fudge tunnel and nothing that can possibly induce an orgasm - unless having an orgasm is purely a state of mind that comes from giving the pleasure of riding to men. For those who find it difficult to grasp this concept, think of it as the same pleasure derived from oral sex – you orgasm from your ability to give an orgasm.

For the majority of men worldwide, aside from hygienic issues – anal sex is the next best thing to a blow job. It’s a lot tighter and there’s no risk of pregnancy involved (without forgetting the risk of numerous other diseases one can contract). In the Arab world specifically, anal sex is favoured for the reasons above and more. Homosexuality although forbidden here, is rampant throughout. In which case – anal sex with women is just a substitution for the real deal. Also, segregation from women often leads to boys experimenting with each other from their youth and we all know that old habits die hard. Biologically for men, the fact that the g-spot is located in the prostate only adds more spice to the chutney chase.

The interesting and perverse part is the mentality that accompanies anal sex in the minds of many Arab males. When doing it with another man – it seems that many think it is a form of reaffirming your masculinity when you are giving it. That is – it doesn’t make you gay – but MORE of a man, because you are fudging another man? (even if that man is a more effeminate Filipino) By that same token, it is common knowledge that expatriates in Dubai offer young Emirati boys copious amounts of money to be bottom feeders - colonialism at it’s best.

Then of course there’s the whole issue of power, dominance and control. The very position allows for one partner to be completely in control, while the other is completely submissive. And we all know there is nothing more sexually satisfying than power. The men are empowered because they are in control, women are empowered because they are satisfying their partner and protecting their virginity.

At the end of the day, the cycle perpetuates and it since it’s been around for centuries, it seems to be a win-win-ouch situation for all those willing to be involved.

Update: For a more fun and lighthearted take on anal fixations, see our post here.

Monday, January 08, 2007

lose the hypocricy

Apparently, a Bahraini national has been stripped of his nationality for taking part in an athletic competition in 'Israel' (please see links).

Such things happen in most of the GCC countries since none of them have any diplomatic ties with 'Israel'; or so it would appear. Which is quite sad, since most of these countries secretly take on trade agreements with the Jewish state behind everyone's back, never to announce it, and when all is exposed they break it up over the outcry of their population on how Palestinians are suffering in their occupied lands and how no one is lending a helping hand to them instead.

For instance, you have the Sultanate of Oman who had a trade office in one of the local 5 star hotels a long time back until they closed it down under the excuse of the escalating situation in Palestine along with postponing Muscat Festival back then, too. Saudi Arabia, surprisingly, has one of its members going behind the scenes trying to make things move along for the sake of 'peace in the Middle East'. I don't know about the other GCC countries; but it seems that the state of Qatar is the only country that is open about supporting both the 'Israeli' and Palestine cause by talking very freely about the subject and asking other GCC countries to follow in it's stride.

What is annoying is the fact that the GCC countries bitch about not having any sort of ties with any Jewish establishment or department of state but then again they import all the businesses that have an enormous Jewish shareholding turn-out, like Pepsi, Starbucks, Coca Cola, and even the service based product that we have come to depend on in our daily lives in areas of telecommunications such as the Internet.

All I am trying to say is that I'd like to see us stay on one path and not change it from time to time because of stupid politics in the region or world over. And another thing, the citizen/national/resident shouldn't have to pay for mistakes that the country makes in it's own political matters.



- Bahrain athlete loses citizenship

Sunday, January 07, 2007


As it is customer service is really bad, now they have to put the icing on the cake??

Ok let me tell you the story from the beginning.

I work at NBO. I have a huge project going on on customer profiling. Basically, whatever we require from existing NBO customers is to come in and update their basic information such as contact numbers and such by filling out a simple form and they enter a raffle draw for a chance to win one of four Infiniti G35 Sedans. Two cars gone, two to go. Next draw is on January 17th at Muscat Festival Qurum Park.

Anyways, since December 26th, I have been trying to contact the necessary person at the Infiniti showroom to arrange for them to bring one of the cars in order to be displayed next to the stall at tha Silver Jubilee arena in Qurum Park in order to have it available at the opening of the Muscat Festival. I have been unable to reach anyone useful for a whole week as obviously the Eid holidays fell right after that. Finally when I reached the necessary person this morning, the guy tells me that he has been trying to call me for a whole since he got my message on the 26th but my cellphone was out of reach. BUUUULLLSH!T.

Since when is it possible that even with the suckiest of OmanMobile networks has anyone been, sub7anallah, unreachable by only one specific caller. And then the guy is telling me that he has even been trying to call me at the office using his cell phone as well as his office number. LIER. It was a national holiday. Do you seriously expect me to beleive that you were in the office on a national holiday??

So I basically give him a peice of my mind AS WELL AS informing him that I have the WAINAK service where no matter what situation it is, I would get an SMS message informing me which numbers tried to call me.

The guy suddenly faked a "I cant hear you, the line is not clear, your breaking up" hang up routine in which I was then dealing with someone else who thankfully was a lot more professional and efficient.

Why would anyone put themselves in such a situation. Just say that you got busy and then I wouldnt have anything against you. Instead of giving yourself, as well as your employer, a bad name and reputation.

God Help Us with the standards of customer service in this country.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nip and Tuck - Dubai Style

This is the deal: uncensored, uncut and raw in its perversity. You will most likely be offended should you continue to read on.

Ahmed bin Desmal says of the women he meets “these women are just here to be fooled with” and that he “wants to marry a virgin eventually”?

This is the most blatantly contradictory and hypocritical statement EVER and unfortunately it is true of the majority of Dubai’s men.

Below are headlines that are frequently found in the local gossip newsletter, Freij Al Gahab:

International Player Marries Warqa’a Virgin.
This scenario is all too common within the Arab community and it will probably continue to be. While the men of Dubai believe it is OK for them to spread their seed far and wide, what they don’t realize is that this attitude is self defeating because marrying the village virgin isn’t as simple as it used to be. Wake up and smell the sheesha boys: hymenoplasty is the flavor of the month and restoring your hymen has never been more haute.

Fattoum Al Gahba Completes Third Successful Hymenoplasty.
There’s a reason for the incredible rise in cosmetic surgery clinics in Jumeirah – and as insiders we know that they are servicing more than just the nose problems of the Lebanese. Hymenoplasties and abortions galore – these practices take place in the shady clinics of Nasser Square all the way through to the snooty clinics of Jumeirah. The best part is – you guys don’t even KNOW the difference.

Khawla Al Shareefa Takes It Up The Butt.
Guys, you decide for yourself – so you think your wife’s hymen is intact – what about her asshole? How sure are you that no one has entered through the backdoor? You all know you love to go up the dirt track so it’s just tough luck that you guys will never really find out that one truth.

Show us a woman over 21 who claims to be a virgin in Dubai and we’ll show you a good liar. Show us a player who thinks he’s marrying a virgin and we’ll show you an idiot.

Phone Technology Aids UAE Dating